Recent media coverage of WAY: a statement from our Chief Executive

March 2021

“As Chief Executive of the charity WAY Widowed and Young, I wanted to respond to the recent coverage in several publications about a former member of our charity.

In this coverage, the defendant is alleged to have referred to WAY as ‘Tinder for widows’. First and foremost, we refute the suggestion that this is the case in the strongest of terms. WAY Widowed and Young is a bereavement charity that offers friendship, support and understanding to our members across the UK after they have lost their partner at a young age. We currently have 3,700 members and since WAY was founded in 1997, we have supported thousands of young widowed people across the whole of the UK through their bereavement.

Our charity is a member of the National Bereavement Alliance and our main purpose is to build supportive friendships among people who have been widowed at a young age. Sometimes those friendships do blossom into romances. However, we would like to reiterate that this is the exception rather than the rule.

It goes without saying that depicting our charity as ‘Tinder for widows’ is extremely unhelpful and detrimental to our charity’s work to support young widowed people through their bereavement. We hope that any future coverage will consider that painting WAY in this light is very far from the truth and is, in our view, defamatory to both our charity and our members."

Rebecca Cooper

Chief Executive, WAY Widowed & Young

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