Running a marathon for WAY: Nick’s story

March 2023

Nick and Veronica

When WAY’s Volunteer Manager Veronica heard that her neighbour Nick had got a place in this year’s London Marathon, she jokingly asked him if he was running for charity, as she knew a good one! 

At the time, Nick wasn’t planning on running the marathon to raise funds, but rather as a personal challenge. However, having thought about it a bit more, he decided he would run it to raise funds for WAY. 

“Nick was a huge part of my own bereavement story,” says Veronica. “He was one of the first on the scene after I had discovered my husband unconscious and not breathing at home. He drove me to the hospital and was with me when I was told that Wullie had died.”

“Since that day, Nick has been the epitome of a good neighbour. Every year, he has remembered my daughters’ birthdays, has helped shovel snow when needed and, every week since June 2016, Nick has put my bins out – the correct ones on the correct days, something I would have been incapable of doing in those early days. 

"Such seemingly small, regular acts of kindness but ones that have always meant so much.”

“Nick knows how much WAY has done to support me and the girls and I am really touched that he has taken our tragedy and is turning it into something positive on his own journey. Thank you Nick – not only for fundraising but also for being there in our times of need.”

Nick’s story

Nick told us: “My own father died when I was four, and I wish it had been around to help my mother then. WAY really was a huge support for Veronica after her husband died unexpectedly, and it’s a charity I’m proud to support.” 

Nick on a training run

Nick has lived in Perthshire, Scotland for more than 20 years and the spectacular scenery makes a fantastic training backdrop as he prepares for the 23 April run.

“I’m lucky in that I already have a good routine for running,” he said. “I wake at about 5am on weekdays, and I’m usually out running just before 6am to get in at least 8 or 9km before work, and sometimes a swim as well. It’s a routine I got into because I took up running at a low point in my life, and I wanted to avoid other people, but now I embrace the quietness and having the roads to myself. The winter months can be a cold, dark and depressing time to run, but having the support of loved ones and sponsors gets me out of bed.”

Nick has run lots of shorter races and half marathons before but this is the first time he’s taken on a full marathon distance of 26.2 miles. 

“While I’ve had some decent times in the past there is quite a big difference between a half marathon and a marathon – not just in terms of the distance, but also because your muscles can’t hold enough carbs to reach the finish line of a marathon, so you need to learn how to take on energy while running,” he said. “It’s quite a daunting experience.”

Can you help Nick smash his £1,000 target?

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