Sunita's Story: Volunteering for WAY

December 2022

As part of International Volunteer Day, WAY volunteer Sunita shares her story with us.

We couldn't provide our support without the help of our incredible volunteers. Thank you to all who give their time!

Sunita's Story


"I’m Sunita, mother of two and have been widowed for almost 5 years. I am British born, of Thai decent. 

Sam, my late husband migrated to the U.K. from Thailand in his 20s. We had two wonderful sons together who are now 13 and 9. Sadly our youngest was only 4, when his father died of Small Cell lung cancer in late 2017. 

I think I joined WAY around 4 months after, although I’m not sure as I was in such a fog during the early months. 

Through our journey I have realised that there could be cultural barriers for widowed people who need support, advice and guidance. 

In August 2021 I met another member during a WAY zoom session. We quickly realised there were too few ethnically diverse members of WAY, so we set up a WAY Facebook subgroup so that members could discuss both their loss and any more specific cultural issues arising from their bereavement. 

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"It is a safe space where everyone is welcome and nobody is judged."

I am proud to volunteer as an admin of this group and to help support this strong support network who are always there for each other."

Volunteer for WAY