The WAY out there festival

August 2020

Following on from the success of our Virtual Big Picnic Weekend in May, our Membership Services Manager Colette Scarbrough-Jelfs created the first WAY Virtual Festival – WAY Out There!

More than 70 people attended 19 different free sessions on the day, ranging from song writing to sugar crafting and from cooking skills to meditation.

Colette told us: “Drawing on our many talented members and external supporters we created a popular and successful event, which combined humour and wellbeing with tasty food and fun crafts. Thank you so much to everyone who got involved.”

There was lots of positive feedback from the festival, including these lovely words from WAY member Erin: “I just wanted to thank you for a lovely event today. This is my first WAY event and it was perfect for me as I find it difficult to attend large events in person due to my anxiety disorder. Even though I was very scared for the first session, I had a lovely time and even managed to not get too frustrated in the book folding!”

Other members told us: "It was brilliant! I loved that I felt a part of something. Spending most of my life alone, it was a pleasure to see and hear 'friends' inside our special group."

And: "I love how WAY continues to be innovative in the most challenging times."