Tips from Winston’s Wish: Ten ways to remember Dad this Father’s Day

May 2024

Father’s Day can be especially difficult for children and young people who have lost their dad or another male role model in their life. From adverts to social media posts, it can be difficult to avoid Father’s Day, and this can be a constant reminder for your child that their dad is no longer here.

However, your child feels and whatever they do (or don’t) want to do on Father’s Day, let them know there is no wrong or right way to act or feel. 

From listening to his favourite music to writing him a letter, here are ten ways grieving families can remember Dad on Father’s Day.

  1. Make a special Father’s Day card. Together, you could put it on his grave, where his ashes were scattered, or in a memory box.

  2. Plant some bulbs or a shrub in a place that holds special memories for you and your child – what was his favourite colour?

  3. Listen to his favourite music – (however awful his taste was!)

  4. Enjoy his favourite meal – Pizza? Roast dinner? Curry?

  5. Create a memory box together and put something in there, or in another special place, to remind your child of their dad. Include things like photos, shells etc.

  6. Encourage them to share a memory of their dad on the Winston’s Wish online dedication page or set up an online tribute page where your child and others can share memories of their dad.

  7. Get together with friends and family and ask them to share their memories of your child’s dad when he was younger. 

  8. Blow some bubbles! You and your child can imagine that the bubbles carry a message and talk about what those messages would say.

  9. Create a digital memory board of photos or post a photo of them on social media.

  10. Ask your child if they want to write him a letter, poem or song. 

Where to get support

If you are supporting a bereaved child or young person who is struggling with their grief, please call Winston’s Wish on 08088 020 021 (8am-8pm, weekdays), email or use their live chat (8am-8pm, weekdays). They will be able to offer guidance, information and support.

You can also access the Winston’s Wish Crisis Messenger which is available 24/7 for urgent support. Text WW to 85258.