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Emma's Story: Supporting Children

Nov 2023

WAY member and ex-primary school deputy headteacher Emma Marfleet shared her story during Children's Grief Awareness Week and how she is helping her children maintain an ongoing relationship with thei…

Tips from WAY members for Autumn

Oct 2023

Members shared practical advice about light timers, radio or podcasts to ease the feeling of loneliness, being easy on yourself, and how setting a project has helped them through the Autumn months wh…

Mental Health Awareness: Aimee's Story

Oct 2023

Eight years after her partner Marky died, WAY Widowed and Young member Aimee shares how she overcame agoraphobia and anxiety to find a new way forward, with support from her WAY friends.

Advice for looking after your mental health from a WAY Ambassador

Oct 2023

Did you know 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem each year. That could be a family member, a friend, a colleague, or it could be you. WAY Ambassador Norman Smart shares his advice for…

World Mental Health Day: tips for looking after your mental health

Oct 2023

On World Mental Health Day (10 October 2023), we are sharing tips from WAY members and supporters for looking after your mental health following the death of a partner.

Bereaved by Suicide: Kate’s story

Sept 2023

To mark Suicide Awareness Month, WAY member Kate shares how she is determined to turn the devastating loss of her partner Matt into a positive force to help people talk more openly about death and sui…

Rob shares his story for Men's Health Week

Jun 2023

WAY volunteer Rob shares how the online world helped him to make new friends and stay connected after his wife died for Men's Health Week.

Men’s Health Week: how the Internet is helping young widowed people stay connected

Jun 2023

To mark this year’s Men’s Health Week, which turns the spotlight on men and the Internet, WAY Ambassador Norman Smart shares how going online has helped him to stay connected through the pandemic and …

Parents Mental Health Day

Jan 2023

We asked: ‘What tip would you give to other parents about what helps your mental health as you navigate bereavement?' and we’ve collated just some of the amazing responses.

Beating Blue Monday

Jan 2023

January can be especially hard for grievers, with all the focus on new starts and a new year that we are acutely aware our loved one is not a part of.

International Men's Day: Ric's Story

Nov 2022

The theme of International Men’s Day this year is “helping men and boys”. This date in the calendar is an opportunity to highlight positive role models and raise awareness of men’s well-being.

International Men’s Day: Ben's Story

Nov 2022

The theme of International Men’s Day this year is “helping men and boys”. This date in the calendar is an opportunity to highlight positive role models and raise awareness of men’s well-being. We want…

Self-Care Week: tips on self-care in grief

Nov 2022

This week is Self-Care Week and two wonderful WAY Widowed and Young members have been generously sharing tips about how to help bereaved people look after themselves when they’re grieving.

Orla's Story

May 2022

We recently caught up with Orla about how yoga transformed her life since her husband Andy died three and a half years ago – and how she is now helping other WAY members through their grief.

Tips for a good night's sleep on World Sleep Day

Mar 2022

Ruth Lin has been a member of WAY for seven years. When she was first widowed, she only got about four hours' sleep a night but now she enjoys up to seven hours of shut eye. She helps people with slee…

Challenging 'happily ever after' narratives this Valentine's Day

Feb 2022

This Valentine’s Day, WAY Widowed and Young members want to challenge the external perceptions of the ‘happily ever after’ narrative that news and films often focus on when it comes to widowhood.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, WAY Ambassador Diane shares her story

Sept 2021

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, we wanted to share the story of WAY Ambassador Diane Stuart, who lost her partner Graham to suicide 11 years ago.

WAY is the only national charity in the UK for people aged 50 or under when their partner died.

It’s a club that nobody wants to be eligible to join, but we are so glad that our members find us. We are a place for people who have experienced an untimely loss to understand and have compassion for those experiencing the same. Quite simply, to be able to say: “I know”.

Our service offers a peer-to-peer support group operating with a network of volunteers who have been bereaved at a young age themselves, so they understand exactly what other members are going through.