Volunteers’ Week: Celebrating WAY’s volunteers

June 2024

Volunteers’ Week in June is a chance for charities and organisations to step forward to thank their volunteers and acknowledge all that they do to support their cause. WAY is no exception. Volunteers’ Week is the opportunity to publicly thank volunteers for their year-round efforts. 

WAY volunteers truly are second to none. The vast majority of WAY’s volunteering community of over 170 volunteers across all 4 corners of the UK are themselves members. WAY volunteers are juggling their own lives and grief while using their lived experience to help others. The charity truly couldn’t do what it does without them. 

Here's just an idea of some of the incredible work that WAY volunteers undertake: 

●      Welcoming new members to local areas

●      Supporting members in local areas by being a point of contact

●      Hosting Zooms so that members can connect without having to leave the house

●      Taking a lead in setting up and organising events in local areas (and sometimes beyond), although any member can do this too! 

●      Helping to shape the charity to best support its members

●      Offering skills and insight in various working groups

●      Being an admin of subgroups so that members can connect on both the website and Facebook 

●      Signposting and offering support

●      Sharing their story so that others understand that they are not alone

●      Raising awareness of the charity in many different ways

Volunteers’ Week is a chance to ensure that volunteers understand how valued they are by the charity – although this message is hopefully loud and clear every day! 

To mark Volunteers’ Week, WAY’s Volunteer Manager Veronica also had the opportunity to meet up with some of the UK-wide volunteers via Zoom and also in person at a small meeting in London, where they could connect with each other and share their insights on volunteering with WAY. 

“Spending time with volunteers, who are by their very nature, selfless and caring individuals, is always a pleasure,” said Veronica. “I always leave inspired and energised by their willingness to help others and the charity. Thank you, each and every day, to all WAY volunteers who step forward to be the difference in somebody else’s journey.”

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering for WAY, please contact WAY's National Volunteer Manager Veronica