May 2016

Huge thanks to everyone who went along to one of our WAY Big Picnics this weekend. Against all the odds, it seems as if the sun came out for most of our picnickers up and down the country - from Scotland to South Wales and Sussex!

Hundreds of members, friends, family and pets went along to one of the 27 events across the country to eat cake, throw frisbees and meet up with old friends and new.

"Thanks to all the kids and grown ups for making my first WAY day out so great today," said one member who has been recently widowed. "I'm not sure what I expected but before today I was convinced I was the only one going through this and now I know I'm not..."

The final Big Picnic takes place on Sunday, 29 May at 12.30 at Sherwood Pines Visitor Centre.

Big thanks to the Coventry Building Society for their generous fundraising for the goodies at this year's WAY Big Picnic events.

Here's a selection of photos to whet your appetite. You can find more under #WAYbigpicnic2016...