Walk this WAY

July 2019

WAY member Pardeep tells us why she is walking 50km this weekend with a group of 14 fellow young widows and widowers to raise funds for our charity...

It’s been just over 4 and a half years since my husband passed away. He was a professional athlete – a Muay Thai fighter and coach. Training together and keeping fit was a fundamental part of our life together. After he died, I found it incredibly difficult to find that connection with the gym and fitness again.

I made a commitment to engage in at least one challenge a year – something that was a bit more than getting back into fitness, but that was outside of my comfort zone. My husband helped me so much in terms of challenging myself, progressing and above all believing in myself when I lacked self belief.

I started (gently!) with the Great Manchester Run, then a Tough Mudder, a Dragon Boat Race and this year....an ultra challenge in the form of a 50k trail run along the Chiltern Hills!

My cousin suggested that I needed to book something that was going to challenge me, something I’d need to train for in order to mark my husband’s birthday. After a glass of wine on New Year’s Eve, I took the plunge and registered for the 50K challenge.

When I sobered up, I realised there was no way I could do this alone. So I asked my dearest and wonderful friends in WAYWOCs (WAY Members Without Children). I didn’t think anyone would be mad enough to join me on this. It turns out at least another 14 people were just as quackers and also signed up. Most of us are raising money for our beloved charity WAY Widowed and Young. 

We have been preparing since January, trying to juggle life with getting some miles in with some of us joining rambling groups and long distance walking groups, motivating one another along the way. We’ve had in-depth footwear discussions as well as chats about blisters, socks, backpacks, waterproofs and food!

It’s been great getting out and about and feeling, like us all, that the legacy of our loved ones continues through our efforts – even if these efforts are a little extreme!

We are taking on the Chiltern challenge on Saturday, 27 July. So far we’ve raised more than £7,700 between us. Please do support us, if you can and help us smash our team target: https://www.justgiving.com/companyteams/WalkThisWayWOC