WAY members get active at PGL weekend

February 2020

Last weekend, a group of 65 WAY members and their children got the year off to a flying start - quite literally - when they headed to PGL Caythorpe Court near Grantham. From high ropes to buggy building and from quizzes to discos, there was something for everyone to enjoy over the course of the two days.

One member, Kate Jones, told us that she had tried travelling abroad with her 11-year-old daughter Abi after her husband died but found it too lonely. She signed up for one of WAY’s activity weekends to help shake off the winter blues.

She told us: “We tried some fantastic activities, pushed ourselves way outside our comfort zone and met some wonderful people. For me I learnt that I’m rubbish at learning names and I really need my glasses for archery and rifle shooting! But mostly that WAY is an awesome support network.”

“We are lucky that we have great family and friend support,” she said. “But it was lovely to be with and talk to people who knew exactly what you’ve been through, what you’re going through and share similar hopes and fears for the future as you do.”

Kate also felt that the weekend away really helped her daughter too.

“For Abi she really grew in confidence over the weekend,” said Kate. “I am so proud of the way she mixed with the other children, embraced all the activities and gave everything her best shot. She didn’t necessarily talk a great deal about her dad but said that it was lovely just being with other children who understood what it was like. This weekend has helped us start the next stage of our bereavement journey.”

“A big thank you to organisers Colette and Stuart and to all the PGL staff,” she said. “We had brilliant weekend and will definitely be booking again for next year!”