WAYers get together for Father's Day

June 2018

More than 140 WAY members & children spent the weekend together in Derbyshire and Dorset enjoying activities ranging from high ropes to kata canoeing and from bingo to BBQs.

“The weekend was a much-needed tonic for me and has been such a lovely time,” said WAY member Caroline.

“Attending our first WAY residential turned out to be the best thing we have done since my husband died three years ago,” another member, Leesa, told us. “We are hooked… We will back next year and will attend as many WAY residential trips as we can, to meet up with our new family and to increase it even further.”

Here are some photos from our Dorset and Derbyshire get togethers...

WAYers in Derbyshire

WAYers in Derbyshire

WAY's swan on tour

WAY swan on tour

WAYers in Hoburne, Dorset