WAY's Memorial Fund offers much-needed support

November 2022

Scott, WAY member

Scott joined WAY in early 2020 through the memorial fund. At the time Scott was living below the bread line and was finding it a struggle to juggle feeding and clothing his son with the cost of electric and gas so there were no spare funds to pay for the WAY membership.

Without the Memorial Fund, Scott would not have had the opportunity to gain much needed support.

As soon as Scott joined the charity, he had an overwhelming sense of coming home, describing WAY as a family with the members his brothers and sisters and the support he received like a warm, comfy blanket. Although at the time it was six years since the death of his partner Shirley, he was still facing a lot of personal battles and felt a sense of isolation in his day-to-day life. 

"I felt part of WAY almost immediately and was able to discuss everything without reprisals. When it was a bad day, other members got it, they all had their different stories, but we had all been through that grief, anger, hatred, we all had those dates that hurt that bit more."

Soon after joining the charity and understanding the importance of peer-to-peer support, Scott decided to give back and took on running the weekly online quiz and assisting with the online Bingo, which he still does two and a half years later. He also took on a structured volunteer role of local Area Contact (AC) and supported the new member zooms and whilst he has now stepped back from the AC role, continues to support and highlight the new member zooms.

Although Scott does not know the future, he sees his WAY membership as a substantial part of it and always wants to continue supporting the charity in a volunteer capacity. In his words...

"I am a lifer. Always standing by an organisation that is honest, shows integrity and is trustworthy. With WAY there is no hidden agenda, they just want members to be relaxed, acknowledged and comfortable"

Can you help support more members like Scott?

By donating to WAY you can help us provide resources and support to those in need. 

We are aware that, as a result of bereavement and its consequences, many people can struggle financially. Please click here if you would like support with paying for a WAY membership.