Support WAY's Christmas Campaign

At WAY we have noticed a steep increase in the number of members or potential members needing support from our Memorial Fund to help pay the £25 fee to join our charity.

The cost of living crisis is constantly in the news and it seems every time we go to the shops the prices have increased again. This is not only a financially worrying time, but can impact on our mental health too. With this in mind our Christmas fundraising campaign is all about the Memorial Fund and boosting reserves so that no one has to go without WAY membership because of financial difficulties.  

Please consider taking part in our Christmas Campaign to help raise these vital funds. Or if you prefer, you can give directly to the JustGiving campaign page with every multiple of £25 giving the gift of WAY membership to someone who is struggling financially at this challenging time.

You can also support someone else who has set up a JustGiving page through the campaign page - or why not do your own thing and set up a fundraising page of your own? You can organise bake sales, sell crafty gifts, think up a festive challenge, put on a family quiz, organise a Christmas Jumper day at work or anything else you can think of.

WAY member Scott joined in early 2020 through the memorial fund. At the time Scott was living below the bread line and was finding it a struggle to juggle feeding and clothing his son with the cost of electric and gas so there were no spare funds to pay for the WAY membership.

Without the Memorial Fund Scott would not have had the opportunity to gain much needed support.