Fundraising Pack

Below you will find links to download various files as part of our Fundraising Pack. These items should help you with your fundraising or if you are thinking of fundraising and need some ideas.

You can download the items and print or use them digitally as you wish. We may update or add new things from time to time, so do check back or get in touch if there’s something else you’d like as a support to your fundraising.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out what some of our fundraisers have been up to

There are various challenges across the year with lots already planned for 2024. We are always updating our Events and Challenges page so keep checking back to find more events that are up your street or email with your own ideas.

Download your WAY Fundraising Pack

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PDF file icon Fundraising leaflet 781.67 KB
PDF file icon Fundraising tips 1,024.91 KB
PDF file icon How it helps 563.99 KB
PDF file icon How to get involved 1,051.73 KB
PDF file icon Poster template 449.31 KB
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