Planning Your Event

Whether you're a first time fundraiser or an experienced WAY supporter, you can find lots of useful information on how to plan and run your own fundraising event.

WAY fundraisers at the top of Snowdon

Choose your activity

From running in a marathon to dragon boat racing, WAY supporters are doing some incredible things in the name of raising funds for WAY.  If you need some inspiration?  Browse our fundraising section and get inspired.

Need support? Download our fundraising pack or get in touch with us...

Set up your fundraising page

If you’re considering taking part in a sponsored event, please set up your page on choosing WAY as your chosen charity. 

Let us know

Once you know what you're going to do, please let us know at  WAY can support you through your fundraising journey, offering help with promoting your event and sending useful resources that you may need.  

Promote your Fundraising!

Tell your friends, family and colleagues what you’re up to and share your fundraising page on social media, along with photos and videos showing your progress.  Tweet us @widowedandyoung, visit us on Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to tag us!

Keep things safe and legal

It's your responsibility to ensure your fundraising event runs safely and legally. We can't accept liability for accidents or damage, even when that activity is run to raise money for WAY Widowed and Young. Read More

Pay-in your funds

Any fundraising you can do for us is very much appreciated, and if you have cash or cheque collections/ donations then the easiest way by far to get that money to us is to pay it in to your own bank account, then donate it via the Just Giving site. If you do this, and are a UK Taxpayer, then we can also claim Gift Aid back from the government (at no cost or hassle to you, or us!!) which can often be a substantial amount. If you have a cheque that is made out to WAY, please contact us to find out the best place to send this to for us to bank.